Wellness Center Committee Minutes



Executive Committee Board Meeting

Thursday, January 27, 2005

8:00 am

Bottineau Technology Center


Present:  Pat Artz, Leah Benson, Scott Johnson, Chuck Neubauer

Absent:  Bob Abrahamson, Sarah Winkelman, Al Wondrasek

Also Present:  Diane Olson, EDC Director, Nancy Sadowsky, Recorder


President, Pat Artz called the meeting to order.


Review of meeting with Tim Conlin, Williston - Pat stated the meeting with Tim Conlin was good. Key points taken from the meeting, 1) the committee would have to do their homework before going after any sales tax funding, 2) Filing for the 501(c) (3) status is a priority, 3) Recognizing the negative supporters in the community and meeting with them is also at the top of the list, 4) Hiring a professional fundraiser, who is good and we like, will be done.  Pat noted that Tim Conlin’s estimate of $50,000 for the cost of the feasibility study was too high.  The feasibility study will cost $9,000 to $10,000.


Review of the Teleconference with Michael Walsh on 1-26-05 – Pat and Diane Olson held a teleconference with Michael Walsh after the positive referral given by Tim Conlin.  Pat stated he was totally impressed with Michael Walsh.  Michael is a North Dakota boy who lives and operates a business in the cities now.  Michael has done fundraising for other projects and has been very successful.  Pat and Diane felt he was very easy to communicate with and a good person.  Michael stated he would be willing do our assessment and feasibility study.  The cost of the assessment and feasibility study would be $10,000.  Michael would conduct 30-50 interviews per week.  He stated the committee should decide on the site location, get architect drawings, decide whom the key donators are, and whom the key leaders are (not necessarily givers).  Michael would like all of the preliminary work done before he comes in.  General committee discussion.  A motion was made by Pat Artz for the executive committee board to hire Michael Walsh to do our assessment and feasibility study.  Second by Leah Benson.  AIF.  Motion carried.


Organization Process – Team Leaders: Leah Benson and Chuck Neubauer

1)      Filing application for 501c3 tax exempt status

2)      By-Laws

3)      Mission Statement


Filing of the 501c3 can be a 6-month process per Chuck Neubauer.  Chuck stated, if possible, it would be nice to have a copy of another wellness center’s filing application for reference.  Diane Olson stated she would check into this.





Site Selection – Team Leaders:  Pat Artz and Scott Johnson

1)      Site Location


Architect Drawing & Estimated Cost – Team Leaders:  Chuck Neubauer and Pat Artz

1)      Hire Architect

2)      Design Center

3)      Cost


Teams of 5-7 members will be formed to help in each area.  All Committee Members will be notified and asked if they would like to be team member in a certain area.  A deadline of March 1, 2005 was set to complete the teams.  Pat will notify each team leader of the interested committee members.  A committee meeting will be scheduled after each team is formed.


Information to Committee Members and Public – Pat stated he would like to some how post the meeting minutes on a website.  This would be a good way for the public to keep up-to-date and informed on the progress of this project in the future.  Suggested websites were the City and the Technology Center websites.  Pat stated he would talk to Penny Nostdahl at the City Office.


Meeting adjourned.


Recorded by Nancy Sadowsky

Submitted by President, Pat Artz 


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