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Our Mission

       Our mission is to provide leadership and facilitate the development of a technology-based economy in the Bottineau community, new and start-up business incubation, and out-source jobs through the legislative initiative. Its vision is to develop a comprehensive and dynamic technology-based sector in the Bottineau County. The focus being to utilize existing resources to achieve goals related to all aspects of technology.

Provide technology for everyone
*     Provide economic development and growth
*     Provide incentives to attract and keep our young people in the community
*     Provide training opportunities
*     Provide career paths

     The Bottineau Technology Center has a main goal to create a technically savvy and aware populace at all levels, including higher education, business and government leaders, the general work force and the public.
On education and training, it is our desire to create a well educated, trained, technically competent work force that will assist all employers and entrepreneurs in becoming successful and to create a well-educated, technically trained general public.

As a business incubator, it is our wish to establish an environment that encourages and nurtures businesses to begin and achieve success.  To create an area for job relocation to the Bottineau area.
We've created an infrastructure that will facilitate the development as well as the growth of technically based companies.

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